How to Set Up Business Office

Before you start a new business, write up your business plan. You would know your business goals clearly that way. Here are a few things you would need to do for setting up your business office, let’s take a look:

Find a Building for Your Office

You can see newspapers and internet to find out a building for your office that is in your budget. Keep all the variables in mind, like distance from your home or nearness to your clientele, etc. You can use your contacts to help you out finding the right place for your office.

Furnish the Office

Remember, you are on a budget. Look for bargains, second hand or used stuff. Go to flea markets and thrift stores for shopping. You can actually get antique stuff at affordable price. Besides, it would give your office a sophisticated touch. But do not compromise on quality for low prices. Buy furniture that is comfortable, and that lasts you for long.

Supplies for Your Office

You have got furniture for your office, now you need office supplies. A good idea is to buy in bulk, you can save money and keep excess supplies for future use. If you have good relations with some other business, make a joint order for supplies in order to pool your buying power. Instead of going to big office stores for supplies, think about shopping from cheaper places like Game.

High Speed Broadband

Do you need to stay in touch with your clients, suppliers and employees online? Does your business needs strong research and development from internet? If yes, then you should get a high speed broadband connection for your office.

Transportation Means

Maintain good links with public transport. Keep a sufficient place for employees or visitors to park their vehicles. It’s a small thing that matters a lot in day to day business.

Decorate economically

Don’t leave your walls blank or tables empty. Decorate your office to create interest for your employees and clients. You can get economical decorations from thrift stores and auctions ( Your decorations must reflect good taste; do not over crowd the decorations.

Keep your employees happy

Invest a little to make you employees happy, this will benefit you in the long run. Your office arrangements must be in a way that employees feel comfortable and relaxed. If the employees are uneasy, their productivity might drop.

Refreshment/Recreation area

No one can work for 10 hours long continuously. Breaks are essential for work quality. Your office must have a refreshment area where employees can have drinks and snacks. Put some machines for cold and hot beverages and snacks. If there are only few people working at your office you can just get a coffee pot and a refrigerator. Keep the refreshment area clean.


Obviously, you need to have bathrooms at you office. Please maintain cleanliness and keep them well stocked. Your office bathrooms must not go short on bathroom supplies. Buying in bulk can save your money and keep you well stocked as well.

Customer and Employee Support

Hold regular meeting with your employees. Listen to them intently. Discuss their problems, be concerned about them and try to solve the matters. Keep your doors always open for everyone.

Hope this article helps you in setting up your new office. Good Luck!

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